About Wild Colony Honey

Wild Colony Honey is a team of two enthusiastic beekeepers and thousand of bees that work hard to make the best honey from the blooming flowers in Mansfield, Ontario.

About Wild Colony Honey
100% Pure and Natural Honey

100% Pure and Natural Honey

Our bees make the best honey, 100% pure, natural and delicious. Wild Colony Honey is unpasteurized and unheated; just pure honey as the bees make it.

From Mansfield, Ontario

From Mansfield, Ontario to you

Wild Colony Honey is harvested throughout the summer. The flavor and color is highly variable, determined by the blend of flowers blooming in the vicinity of the hives.

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Wild Colony Honey 180g.

$5.00 /Glass Jar

Wild Colony Honey 500g.

$8.00 /Glass Jar

Wild Colony Honey 1Kg.

$15.00 /Glass Jar

Wild Colony Honey 3Kg.

$45.00 /Pail

Wild Colony Honey 5Kg.

$75.00 /Pail

Wild Colony Honey 7Kg.

$105.00 /Pail

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Wild Colony Honey is located in Mansfield, Mulmur, ON, a township in Southern Ontario. Mansfield is known for its year round outdoor activities (cycling, hiking, and skiing) and is only 30 minutes away from Wasaga beach, the largest freshwater beach in the world.

It’s in this place where every jar of Wild Colony Honey receives our full dedication and passion. Whenever you buy honey from Wild Colony Honey, we guarantee that it is 100% pure, natural, and great-tasting.

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